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communities enhanced by quality architecture

As a small, focused architecture and interior design studio, SONGER architecture inc is passionate about creating spaces that draw people together. Our design team has established a strong reputation for designing cultural and community spaces in Southern Alberta. We believe that architecture can act as a social catalyst, and can create more liveable and vibrant communities.

beauty grows out of functionality

We are committed to enhancing the built environment with purposeful planning. We believe that beauty grows out of functionality. Every design we create is focused on supporting the people who occupy the space to function as effectively as possible. But we understand fully that function without beauty is like living without sunshine, or music, or great food (you get the idea). Beautiful environments evoke a visceral response and create a sense of well-being that allow us to work better, engage better, live better. Our goal is to create elegant spaces that respect the natural environment, and bring joy to the people who gather–both within and outside.