This project is very near and dear to Project Architect Elizabeth Songer. Among the chief concerns for the congregants of St. Augustine's was the building's inaccessibility, lack of shelter between church structures and the intimidating western façade.  While adding only 8 feet in depth, this x foot long addition provides shelter, unites the church structures and creates a more approachable entrance. The addition's exterior features warm copper tone siding that slides behind a 40 foot wall brick which complements the aged brick of the original church. A new breezeway with large windows allow plenty of natural light to brighten the interior  and maintain a visual connection to the courtyard. Perhaps the most significant part of the addition is the elevator which, along with several ramps, provides accessibility to floor levels for all of St. Augustine's congregants. The addition retained a set of stained glass windows from the original façade and incorporated two historic windows from St. Mary's whose congregation recently merged with that of St. Augustine's.

St. Augustine's