Come into the Light 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

When upgrading your lighting, there’s more than style to consider. How much light do you need?  What feel do you want to give the room?  The proper lighting can help you perform your tasks and improve comfort. In addition to finding the appropriate fixture with the right number of lamps, an often ignored feature of lighting is the color temperature of your bulbs.  Warmer lamps are more forgiving on skin tone and create a more comfortable atmosphere, while cooler lamps have a crisper, brighter feel.  Watch for color temperature markings on the package when buying bulbs.  Color temperatures closer to 3000K will give you a warm, more yellow light while 5600 is quite cool and blue.  People often mistake the cooler bulbs as giving out more light, when in fact comparing the same wattage lamp in the same light fixture similar lighting levels are produced no matter the color temperature.